Patient Information

Using your medical insurance

Momentum Orthopaedics is open to everyone, whether you are insured or not.

You are responsible for the costs of your treatment so it is important you understand the cover your insurer will provide.

In order to obtain treatment funded by an insurance company you will need to:

  1. Obtain a referral from your GP
  2. Confirm cover with your insurer at each stage of your treatment
  3. Provide details of your cover and authorization for treatment to us

The easiest way to ensure your insurance company will cover your treatment costs is to contact them prior to each stage of treatment, including your first out-patient appointment, to inform them of your treatment details and confirm cover. Your insurer will guide you through the process as claims processes differ from insurer to insurer.

If you aren’t insured don’t worry, you can choose to pay for your own treatment.

When you come to us you’ll have an initial consultation with your chosen consultant to discuss your condition. This may be followed with diagnostic tests or scans. Initial consultations and initial tests (if required) are charged separately. Once the consultant has discussed the treatment you require, you will be given a fixed price, this will cover all costs relating to this treatment from this point on. Your price is made up of your surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees (nursing, accommodation, food etc.) and the price of any necessary prosthesis from our standard range. Your hospital fees cover everything you need for as long as you need to stay in hospital, so you don’t get any unexpected bills if for clinical reasons you need to stay for longer than planned.

Once you have left hospital, your fixed price covers one follow up consultation (if you need it), and all standard post-operative care including take home drugs, the removal of stitches, dressing changes and all physiotherapy that your consultant advises you need.

Coming into hospital

Everyone is different and how you prepare for your stay will depend upon the treatment or operation you require. We will send you written information specific to your operation, treatment or investigation when we confirm your admission details.

As a rule you should not drink alcohol the day before your visit and, if you are a smoker, you should try to give up or cut down as much as you can.

If you get a cold, sore throat or any other illness, please tell us straight away as we may need to re-schedule your admission.

We ask you to bring with you the following items:

  • Dressing gown
  • Nightdress or pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Any current medication
  • Books or magazines
  • Toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste and a hairbrush or comb

Going home

We will let you know the approximate time that you’ll be ready to leave the hospital – so that you can make arrangements for a friend or family member to accompany you home.

Your consultant will give you any special instructions that you need to follow at home, and arrange any follow-up appointments or treatment. If you need any drugs to help your recovery, these will be given to you before you go home.